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in just a minute. >>> and some packing heat. and militias in america are on the rise. what is going on? is it the economy? are they angry with liberals, or angry over a black president? we will discuss that. >>> and the transportation secretary wants answers when passengers are trapped on a tar mat. how long is too log to be stuck on a plane? what are your rights once you board a plane. >>> and economists say the recession is over. what does it mean for your house or job or 401(k)? it's 9:00 a.m. pull up a share and join the "morning meeting." >>> good morning to you. lots of democracy with town halls and other events being held across the married. contessa setting things up. >> nearly two dozen health care events scheduled for today. they are poe ttentially facing with more protestors. and democrats and republicans are following arlen specter's lead holding town halls. and some of the moments, they got wild, not so much the president's town hall, but people have to fight to be heard. angry protesters shouted down senator claire mccaskill yesterday. >> i don't understand the rudeness.
will spend the next hour of their day? first hour back in america? >> well, we're being told that they're going to have a family reunion at home rather than here at the hangar. that they're going to have private time with the families and then maybe come out and talk to us later on in the afternoon. so we're going to have to wait and see. we don't -- they appear to be in fairly good shape as they boarded the plane in pyongyang in north korea under their own esteem, and we'll have to wait and see how tired they are, what kind of shape they're in. >> so other than the obvious press gaggle in that hangar, and i presume security personnel, et cetera who else is there to greet both the former president and most importantly those journalists as they come off that plane? >> reporter: there are a few -- >> family members at all? >> reporter: we haven't seen any large groups of family members here yet. it could be that they're in a holding room that we don't know about, but we're not aware of any large amount of family members here. they have seats set up just off the site of where i'm standing
him. if everybody else knew what i knew about you. if america knew what you were like, one on one, personally. i would tell people about my encounters with him. just a few. but what a warm, wonderful guy, with a great sense of humor. again, guy on the opposite side politically of me, but a guy with no problem trying to reach out with republicans who used him as a punch line. >> you were talking a while ago about the issue of guns and the second amendment and conservatives and republicans. we don't know what the president is going to say when he steps up in front of the cameras at 9:30 or there abouts. one thing you can say about ted kennedy, take it to the bank truth, he was a man without cynicism. he was a man with no hate in his heart. in this day and age, when the bloggers and some of the cable chatter and the divisions in this country is so deep at that level, at the media level and the things that were written and said about him, right up until the moment he died. he had no hate in him. >> right. >> no cynicism about our government and our country. >> as doris said, he became
and burial, and everybody in america knows that. i think it will be an interesting assortment of people by invitation only. and one element that i think will put a smile on the basis of both the family as well as people observing it will be the many people, special olympic athletes who have been affected, have had their lives so deeply affected by the words and works of eunice shriver. that's an element of joy and an element of sadness, with her death. >> what are you hearing about senator kennedy? >> i will give you the exact same answer that andrea gave you. obviously his health is slipping. it's obvious he is fighting a long battle with brain cancer. he had been out sailing nearly every day. he is brought down to his boat that sits in the harbor, about 100 yards off the front porch of the family compound. in the past, up until two weeks ago, he had been traveling up the hill about 150 yards to the shriver home, where he would have a late afternoon drink with his sister,erri eunice, who was suffering her own failing health at that time, and it's lit raleigh hora literally hour by hour
for america when the decision to bail out the banks under ben bernanke was the one i described putting, again, $23 trillion in risk in order to stabilize the bank's bill. >> risks were sort of multi-layered. first you have the risk of the credit billion and the fed when they -- took all those things that you were hiding in your -- >> garbage bag. >> garbage bag. >> beautiful garbage bag. >> right. right. there's that. on a more serious note, what they basically said was that we are going to monetize anything we need to monetize. >> what's that mean? what does that mean, monetize? >> principle money. in other words, print money. the fed used tomorrow lend against solid collateral, t-bill asks things like that. rock solid. now they said that they would lend against anything. we already know that there are things in that garbage bag no good. so the net effect of all of this is this they said we are going to flood the system with paper script green dollars and when we call moby but in over time what they are going to do is make all of those dollars worthless to try to inflate away the debt that h
deal with the american people where old people in america pay for the education of young people in america, through the tax base, and young people in america pay for the health care of old people in america through the tax base. we have a government medicare obviously for senior citizens. as long as that's sort of balanced, nobody gets too worked up. but we're at a point now where the costs of providing health care is exploding, and i wonder whether we're starting to set up a real generational divide here between the demands and politics of seniors and their expectations from national health care or medicare, and the young people of this country who are looking at an increasing tab for all of these things. >> sure. well yes. it was bound to happen. dare say inevitable. because the seniors, these are the baby boomers. the generation, our generation, my generation, coming up behind them, there are fewer of us to pay that huge exploding health care bill that's coming. health care, medicare, medicaid, social security, and all of these things so there are fewer of us, fewer young peo
are saying about the state of our economy and where they think america should be finding its next job. >>> great friday morning to you. i'm meteorologist bill karins. here's a look at your friday and saturday forecast. today, showers and storms. northern plains down through minneapolis and chicago. otherwise, it's hot in the middle of the country and just gorgeous, mid-atlantic to the northeast. what a friday it's going to be! saturday, we started to heat it up in areas around d.c. and chicago and out west, things cool but nice. hi, may i help you? we're shopping for car insurance, and our friends said we should start here. good friends -- weompare our progressive direct rates, apples to apples, against other top companies, to help you get the best price. how do you do that? with a touch of this button. can i try that? [ chuckles ] wow! good luck getting your remote back. it's all rht -- i love this channel. shopping less and saving more. now, that's progressive. call or click today. every head. every bite. every gallon. every shoe. every book. every cereal. well, maybe not every cere
. the health plan in america is a co-op. >> well, even if there are those that would like to see the democrats go it alone, that's not possible in your mind because of the structure in the senate? >> knwe don't have 60 votes in e senate of healthy senators. how will you get to 60 votes? you have to have republicans. it's arithmetic, and not ideology. >>> contessa brewer has the balance of the day's news. >>> california investors found a body of the swimsuit model that disappeared over the weekend. police say a television reality star is a person of interest in this case. let's talk to john in california. tell us what you know about this story. >> reporter: good morning, contessa. jen kins is now the person of interest in this case. there are some out let's claiming that his attorney contacted the pd to set up a meeting between them to talk about this investigation. the police are saying that's not the case, because they have not heard from anybody representing the jenkins. and being a person of interest, he should have already contacted them. the fact that he has not makes him appear a little
that they did that. it did not happen to me. >> okay. >> karen? >> yeah, organizing for america is now encouraging people to come to members of congress' offices to have a more civilized conversation, but are you concerned some of the protesters will move from the town hall forum and try to show up at your office and create chaos? >> well, this is very real concern. what this country desperately needs is a real honest discussion about what the problem is. we are going broke on health care. what is the cure? how should we do it in a way acceptable to the people of the country, and what are the benefits and disadvantages of all the different proposals that lie before us? we are being denied that opportunity. >> representative, we appreciate your efforts to continue to try to create dialogue where it's so desperately needed. whichever way this ends up going. thank you very much, representative dingell from michigan. >> yeah, have you a real shot at reforming the system and you have a bunch of bozos showing up. and the intend is not to get answers, but to -- >> yeah, the objective is to de
or libya, how long will america continue to be forced or allow itself to subordinate its moral values in the name of energy dependency? >> i hope people will support the agenda for reducing our dependence on foreign oil and doing things here at home so we are not in a position so it's a consideration. and this is an appalling situation here. we had no real voice in here in the legal proceedings. what about compassion for the people that suffered and the families of the people that suffered. it's likely there are political considerations going on behind the scenes, which we'll probably know about or it will be 50 years before we know the truth. you hope that is not true. certainly we saw the president and the secretary of state making it clear the official decision is we disagree with the position. it makes you wonder what might have been going on behind the scenes. >> yeah, and jonathan goes on to say this is saying gadhafi will be coming for u.n. week here in a month. libya is strategically located, and so there is an opportunity to move libya in a more constructive direction. my que
, but ted kennedy's death of representation of a huge transition in the culture of politics in america? >> well, the senator's death has occurred in the middle of a congressional recess. you don't have the, you know, the gathering of all of his now former colleagues under biggest biggest accomplishment that he wanted to get done in his life. you know, some democrats might try to use this senator's memory and his legacy to try and push that through. i would caution them in terms of using that and pushing that so far. but when they all come back after labor day, and they all have a chance to, you know, let's see what the finance committee has come up with, and let's see what, say, the house might come up with in response. and we can use the time to come up with a real viable health care plan. if there is anything -- if congress wants to pay tribute to senator kennedy, what they need to do is pass something that will get them past the ranker and the hysterical debate we have gone through in the last couple months, with death panels that were not in existence, and shouting at town hall mee
12th election was rigged. >>> the swiss embassy in tehran is working on america's behalf to find out more about three american hikers picked up when they accidently crossed from iraq into iran. we still don't have word on where the americans are being held. all those developments still being watched from iran. >> thank you. >>> joining us now the author of "how to win a cosmic war" and also contributor to the daily has been writing extensively about the reform movement in iran. also with us for the two hours, the author of "the black swan" and widely essayist at this point on the systems that run our economy and how they have failed us. and more importantly, how we can fix them. also with us jonathan capehart, msnbc editorial writer for "the washington post" and certainly a panelist here at the meeting keeping us up to speed as he does so gracefully and wonderfully every day on the comings and goings in washington, d.c. and the policy debates. the first part of my question i suppose is whether there is any chance ahmadinejad doesn't ultimately end up in this job. whatever t
to rally grassroots groups including organizing for america. it's an event that the dnc headquarters there, the president making an appearance. and then showing his range, yesterday the president appeared live on the espn show "nascar now" and asked faith leaders to push reform on a conference call. this was just yesterday. he discussed what he calls the moral obligation to reform the health care system. meantime, as the senate's so-called gang of six prepare for a conference call of their own tonight at 9:00, the "wall street journal" has the following headline. the white house and democrats are considering a strategy to break the health care reform bill into two parts and pass the most expensive provisions solely with democrat votes that could speed up the vote and get a measure passed by the end of this year. but because of special interests, because of all -- the way our government is set up, is there anything in the health care reform bill at this point that actually provides and mandates so there's health insurance for everybody and controls cost, which is why we started this convers
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as everything else? at bank of america, it practically does. use the bankamericard power rewards visa credit card and earn rewards like cash back with every purchase. cash you can put into savings. or even use to help pay down your credit card balance. it's one of the many ways we make saving money in tough times a whole lot easier. >>> welcome back. what are the stories we are looking at here? >> remember the obama posters that made him look like the joker from "the dark knight." >> was it an evil right wing conspiracy? >> no, it was a young guy, and he took the cover portrait of obama and up loaded it to flicker. and all of a sudden, somebody removes the link that says i took this from "time" magazine, and put the word socialism under it. here is a 20-year-old history major, the l.a. times is reporting that he is a palestinian arab american and socialists himself. imagine the irony that his portrait of obama was co-oped and used as a white wing symbol. >> it's really a college kid with a computer? >> yeah, we don't know who took the photo from flicker -- >> who ever took it was politically
in the history of america where there are, in fact, more women than men in the workforce. what does that mean for the future of the workforce? that means i will be on the couch, and you, my friend, will be hard at work. >> how is that different than what we do every day? >> and it's time for the opening bell on wall street. and the federal reserve meeting to talk about interest rates today. futures pointing up. there was a selloff yesterday. we won't get too far into that, and if you are interested i suggest you turn on cnbc. >>> and gm is test driving a new program that allows customers to buy cars and trucks on ebay. i like it. contessa, what is going on? >> haggling face-to-face may be a thing of the history books. it allows customers to browse new 2008 and 2009 models, and ask dealers questions and talk about financing. so far only california dealers are in on this test program. if it works out, the companies may expand it nationwide. it's part of gm's attempt of a turn around. the giant emerged from bankruptcy restructuring last month. >> it seems like an obvious one, but it took a while
as a politician applies to the current debate in america. >> well, jack kennedy is a conservative who supported conservative issues. you sort of listen to the arguments, you buy them, you think about them and you come up with a position that's to the left of where your gut was. bobby was in transition all the time. joe kennedy, a joe mccarthy guy, very tough on the rackets, communist, became much more of a civil rights guy near the end, of course, a passionate giet. teddy was a liberal, very little change, he was always a liberal. he was a constituent guy. this fight over health care is going to take -- it's almost like you have to go back into your corners and decide what is good for the country. does barack obama get a w.? it's not important for the country. they've the got to go rid of the score keeping. that's hard for me, too, because i'm a political guy. it's not about a "w" and it's not about an "l." deal with things like malpractice. i'm sorry, the republicans have to get something out of this. >> do you agree that the health care is reflective of the government's ability to function, p
insurance company in america? nice tidbit there. boss: exactly. and i've been thinking, looking a bit more businesslike might help too. gecko: oh my. uhhh, no it's, what's, what's the word... vogeico. 15 minutes could save you 15 percent or more on car insurance. >>> welcome back. we talked about some of these housing statistics. what do you got here? >> by 2011, almost half of all u.s. mortgages will be under water. people will own homes that are worth far less than what they actually owe on their mortgages. here's the statistic. we're talking a big problem even with those prime conforming loans which are much less risky. they expect 41% will be underwater by the first quarter of 2011. 46% of those prime jumbo loans will be larger than what the property is actually worth. right now it's been up like from 29%. what this means is we'll see home ownership taking a staunch tumble. people just can't afford to own homes anymore so they'll go back to renting. we'll see the percentage of homeowners dropping. >> when you twr >> when you trap people inside of their home with debt, they can't move.
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